URLAutoSplicer is a simple Chrome Extension, which redirects you to self-constructed URL instantly with context selection.

The initial idea of URLAutoSplicer comes from my former tool Tieba Service Caller. It allows developers to call API with context selection when they are developing and debugging.


Download at Chrome WebStore

Alternative: Clone this project, then load src folder in developer mode.


Invoke UAS

After installation, UAS will create context menu named with “URL Auto Splicer”. You may select any texts displayed on web page, and use right-click to show context menu. All the available rules (/#Rules) will be shown as sub menus of “URL Auto Splicer”. It would be invoked if you had clicked a specific item.


We have only one rule (Google Search) as an example, which has the same reaction to Chrome “Search Google for”.

To add a new rule, you may specify a unique name and its URL Pattern. The URL Pattern should be a standard URL or a URL with %UAS_PARAM%.

Only one parameter %UAS_PARAM% is available.

Hint: Protocols (e.g. https://) cannot be omitted.

We encourage users to share rules by Export Import rules.