URL Auto Redirector is a chrome extension that enables you to skip certain pages, mostly useless referral/ad pages, after you click on affiliate links. By doing so, it gets you directly to your destination page.


Chrome WebStore

Download at Chrome WebStore

Install Manually

  1. Clone this project
  2. Load src folder in developer mode.


New Tab/Current Tab

Redirection can be done in either new tab or current tab. For original design, redirection in new tab is reserved to allow users to see the chain of redirections.


While a redirection happens, it will send a Redirected by URL Auto Redirector notification.

Notification badge is allowed to switch on or off in General Settings.

Rules Setting

Source, Destination and RegExp are critical for a rule.

While RegExp is checked, URL Auto Redirector will parse Source and Destination using regular expression, following JavaScript RegExp engine. For more information about regular expression, check

Otherwise, it would be a whole-word matching.

Hint: Protocols(e.g. https://) cannot be omitted.

Preset Rules

We have several preset rules as default. You might add your own rule in the option page.

We encourage users to share rules by Export Import rules.

And we receive orders for adding your awesome rules in preset rules list. See contributing.